Its definitely not an easy task breaking myself into a million pieces to juggle school, work and motherhood alone..…but it can be done. It’s all about DOING IT! I am so surprised at what I am capable of accomplishing once I get passed all the self doubt and just believe in myself.

I have my awesome days and moments. and I also face so many struggles.

I sometimes feel like I don’t receive a grade that shows all my potential, but what they don’t know I woke up cooked breakfast for my kids, dressed my kids, took them to daycare and school, I picked them up, I tossed a ball with my son, painted fingers and toes, colored, broke up fights, cooked dinner, gave baths, only to end the day with mom why do you always go to class now i wish we were with you all the time like before. talk about heart break. finally a moment of peace and one child is scared needs me to stay up with them.  I get and stay exhausted.

I am divorced and hold so much guilt for that. and guilt for going to school because there is days I cant be at one of the 100000 events that have at their school. I know my kids cant not see that I am doing this for them right now but they will.

My life is literally day to day. I never know when a child will be sick and if they will get it. will I been up all day and night tending to my sick child, or anything.

I try really hard to pay attention to my kids emotions. I fear they will forget how much I love them and that everything I do is for them.

But here i am doing it everyday!